Our brazing and soldering filler metal series includes: silver-based, copper-based, aluminum-based, nickel-based and tin-based products. These are available in sheet, cast rod, wire, powder and pellets. The brazing and soldering flux series includes: silver brazing fluxes, copper brazing fluxes, aluminum brazing fluxes and environmental-friendly non-corrosive aluminum brazing fluxes, etc... These are available as powder, paste or liquid.

Our experienced manufacturing team, under the direction of our technical advisers makes sure all of our products' quality complies with our ISO quality management standard’s requirements. Quality control is ensured by using advanced inspection and measurement equipment. The brazing filler metals and fluxes of Dahua brand has gained a good reputation in China and abroad. We are proud of some of our specially designed products, such as:

· Ag-based filler and flux used in refrigeration, knives and other hard alloy products
· Al-based rust resistant filler metals and Al flux are used in car radiators and other products made of aluminum.
· 516 alloy soakage material used in the manufacture and repair of diamond drill bits.
· Alloy filler metal and flux with low melting point used in fire protection products.


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